Our new seat ventilation system is the benchmark when 

it comes to delivering the driver and passengers with a 

quick and comfortable ventilation sensation by instantly 

removing the heat that can get trapped between 

the body and the seat in a warm vehicle.

Customer Design Request Products

Seat Heater H2CJ-AN360W

$ 30.98

The most widely used is easy to install. Manuale is included.

It uses Polyester fiber(Fire retardant) material and is not easily corroded, weakened or damaged.

Continuous thermal monitoring helps prevent overheating and is safe and reliable.

4-Blower, 3 Way Digital System 
/ Ventilation

$ 169.52

System uses a 4-blower system embedded in the seat foam to push air from behind the seat through a perforated cover and to the driver or passenger.  A unique distribution layer and reticulated foam is used allowing a uniform flow of air around the occupant to reduce the heat build-up that commonly occurs during the hot summer months.

3 Step Digital LED Switch
/ Accessory

$ 9.80

 We are researching and developing products in various ways to eliminate obstructive behavior during driving.

By completing the digital switch of the CAN communication method that was recently made, our technology is getting further.(Controller Area Network)


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